Things We Don't Need

by DUET_

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released July 16, 2015

DUET_ is Mary Hamer and Elizabeth Lain

All songs written and performed by Mary Hamer and Elizabeth Lain
Recorded and mixed by Elizabeth Lain at the Lonely Octopus Studios
Mastered by Forbes Coleman at the AudioBeach Studios, Brighton & Hove

Album photography by Balm in Gilead:

Copyright © and ℗ 2015 Mary Hamer and Elizabeth Lain Erickson



all rights reserved


DUET_ San Diego, California

DUET_ is Mary Hamer and Elizabeth Lain, two classically trained musicians with an ear towards the absurd.

Based in San Diego, California, DUET_ likes to explore multiple genres and moods, and follow the creative pursuits wherever it may lead.
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Track Name: Tonight
With perfect words and parallel lines
We’ll take these images straight out of time
Making up words and making up rhymes
And we’ll sing

Faithful in fire and fairies of light
Taking back pictures of strength and of might
Flicking forked tongues out straight in the night
And we’ll fight

Cause tonight!
We’re running backwards, tonight
We’re flying black birds, tonight
We’re giving up things we don’t need.

Hotels and habits fall high from the sky
Who’s here to tell us what’s wrong and who’s right
Friends come in and friends go to die
And we’ll sleep

Pinpricks appear in blackened twilight
Twins of our ages in celibate rite
Collapsing in towers of ivory white
And we’ll sing
Track Name: Bricks
Four years since I left you
And there's no looking back that way again
Decay of a lifetime
Rusted water seeping thru the stain
A pounding in my head
All existence seems to slide against the grain
Still forcing me onward
Backwards thinking looking counting

Pin feathers are slammed against the wall
Spring winds giving way to winter's thrall
Conflicts bottled stale dust
The bricks are closing me inward

Three years with my shadow
Concrete cold caught beneath my weight
Come enter the distance
Come join me in fleeting self-restraint
Why fight reinvention
Why fight getting dragged down into fate
Sun darkening pavement
Linger languish stilted slighted

Two years since I left me
And there's no looking like myself today
No one here seems to know me
No one here seems to care in this masquerade
This porcelain splinter
A warning tale of this veneer portrayed
Pale fragments of myself
Costumes have become my clothing

Wonderful is my life now
and i just don't… need me anymore
Surreptitiously hopeless
Harbored feelings of self betrayal out-poured
Jolting slamming synapses
Binding time until this life I abhor
This road I was building
Layered into walls around me
Track Name: Gods Of Our Mothers
Never question the gods of our mother
Never whisper the names of the dead
Never question the sins of our lovers
Never mention the thoughts in our head

Never question devotion of father
Singing his praises from mountain tops
Question oh question! But say nothing
Carefully stay the words that you speak

"Smile," he said, to the ones that followed
“Smile,” he said, “and think no more”
He looked upon us, bleak and hollow
Go not unto these lies you adore.
Track Name: Song For Lucy
Track Name: A Thousand Pirouettes
Seven years ago
Sealed tears above the glow
Shallow walk of “yet”
A thousand pirouettes

Come, follow me
From death’s celestial tree
White-walk amongst the breath
From a fate worse than life

Lies fall like regrets
Regardless, life vignettes
Fleurette to breach the sky
More than meets the mouth

Come, follow me
From death’s celestial tree
White-walk amongst the breath
From a fate worse than life
Track Name: (Un)Censored Movement 2: Invocation
She grew up strong, but she had no lover
Daddy’s protective and won’t let her have them

I won’t fight for the water
And I won’t go to the bridge
I won’t fight for the water
Not to the light of the ridge

He showed her affections with all wrong intentions
Skin of her soul cracks from the attention

Pray the rosary daily
Pray for years that I lost
Pray the rosary daily
Sins are not worth cost

Twenty years old and running for shelter
Ego is wounded and rage is aflutter

Back to the shed I remember
Back to the place where I bled
Trading one life for another
Trading wont bring back whats dead.
Track Name: Plastic Bodies
We're silent. And demure
Compliant. In Couture...
... for your needs.
We're precious. Thin as ice.
Delicious. Sugar-spice
… for the deed.

Plastic bodies!
Beauty embodies!
Tall as the poppies!
Perfect we'll be...

Everything that's good
Everything that's right
Everything our mothers
Prayed for in the night.
Plastic bodies, you’ll see.

We're naked. And beautiful.
Inflated. And suitable...
... for your needs.
We're Youthful. And doable.
Immutable. Penetrable
... for the deed

Plastic bodies!
Electric hotties!
Fresh and Naughty!
Perfect we'll be...

Anything you want
Anything you need
Anything that satisfies
Your lustful greed.
Plastic bodies, you’ll see.

Lashes are fantastic
Waist is thin elastic
Everything is plastic
Track Name: I Like You, Friend
Please don’t take this the wrong way, this
Exuberant communique
It's just something I've got to
I don’t mean to
But …. I like you, friend.

Please don't run away
If my welcome I overstay
I know Rome wasn't build in a day
I’ll just breath and count to ten
And say ... I like you, friend.

There's just something about you
I can't put my finger on
There'd be something about us
That can't be wrong

I know we've only just now met
But I'm ready to get my feet wet
A detriment that my hearts set
Would it be the end...

If I said, I ...
I like you, friend.